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[GCP]App Engine 본문


[GCP]App Engine

폴피드 2020. 2. 13. 13:57

App Engine 은 2가지 타입이 존재한다. 


1. Standard

* Easily deploy your application

* Autoscale workloads

* Free daily quota

* Usage based pricing


2. Flexible

* Web , Mobile application, continer based.


Flexible vs Standard

  Standard Flexible
Instance startup Milliseconds Minutes
SSH access No Yes
Write to local disk No Yes
Support for 3rd-party binaries No Yes
Network access Via App Engine service Yes
Pricing model After free daily use, pay per instance class, with automatic shutdown Pay for resource allocation per hour


Kubernetes Engine VS App Engine

  Kubernetes Engine App Engine Flexible App Engine Standard
Language support Any Any Java, Go, Python(특정 버전에 한함)
Service model Hybrid PaaS PaaS
Primary use case Container-based workloads

Web and mobile application,
Container-based workloads

Web and mobile application







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