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[GCP] Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Dumps 2019 (Udemy) 본문


[GCP] Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Dumps 2019 (Udemy)

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Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Dumps 2019

Udemy 에 있는 Dump 풀면서 적은 오답노트들..


## failover replica

Failover replica helps provides High Availability for Cloud SQL. The failover replica must be in the same region as the primary instance.


 ## Cloud Datastore

 A scalable, fully managed NoSQL document database for your web and mobile applications. Semistructured application dataHierarchical dataDurable key-value dataUser profilesProduct catalogsGame state.

Bigtable is not an ideal storage option for state management.


## BigQuery

BigQuery is a good storage option with analysis capability. Also, the access to the data can be controlled using ACLs and Views. BigQuery uses access control lists (ACLs) to manage permissions on projects and datasets

Cloud Storage is a good storage option but does not provide direct analytics capabilities.


 ## HTTP load Balancer

HTTP load balancer support global access. HTTP(S) load balancing can balance HTTP and HTTPS traffic across multiple backend instances, across multiple regions. Your entire app is available via a single global IP address, resulting in a simplified DNS setup. HTTP(S) load balancing is scalable, fault-tolerant, requires no pre-warming, and enables content-based load balancing. For HTTPS traffic, it provides SSL termination and load balancing.


 ## Big Table

Cloud Bigtable is the most performant storage option to work with IoT and time-series data. Google Cloud Bigtable is a fast, fully managed, highly-scalable NoSQL database service. It is designed for the collection and retention of data from 1TB to hundreds of PB.


## Testing application

Google Compute Engine managed instance group can help the testing application to scale to reduce the amount of time to run tests.


## Cloud SQL
Failover replica must be in the same region.

## App Engine Standard, Flexible
The App Engine Standard Environment provides rapid scaling as compared to App Engine Flexible Environment and is ideal for applications requiring quick start times and handle sudden and extreme spikes.


Feature - SSH-debugging

Standard environment - No

Flexible environment - Yes

## App Engine Deployer
App Engine Deployer gives write access only to create a new version.

## roles/storage.objectCreator
allows users to create objects. Does not give permission to view, delete, or overwrite objects.


## Instance Group auto-healing

performs a health check and if the application is not responding the instance is automatically recreated


## Kubernetes Cluster auto-repairing

as the resiliency and high availability can be increased using the node auto-repair feature, which would allow Kubernetes engine to replace unhealthy nodes.


## gsutil options

Multi-threaded/processed: Useful when transferring large number of files.

Parallel composite uploads: Splits large files, transfers chunks in parallel, and composes at destination.

Retry: Applies to transient network failures and HTTP/429 and 5xx error codes.

Resumability: Resumes the transfer after an error.


## command

gcloud compute instances create "preempt" --preemptible --no-boot-disk-auto-delete 

gcloud container clusters resize --num-nodes= --size=

gcloud container clusters update --min-nodes=

gcloud deployment-manager deployments update

kubectl set image deployment nginx nginx=nginx:1.9.1]

gcloud app deploy --project 


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